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Supported filmmakers at IDFA 2023
IBF filmmakers at IDFAcademy 2023

IBF filmmakers at IDFAcademy 2023

Taking place every November during IDFA, IDFAcademy gives emerging international filmmakers the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of highly esteemed documentary professionals willing to share their knowledge of the industry.

This page gives an overview of all IDFAcademy participants who have a project in development or (post-)production supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund. Find out more about the participants and their projects by clicking on the titles below.

Alaaeldin Eldajani - How Many Nights, How Many Days? (Egypt - Director)

Ana KvichidzeHeart Don't be Afraid (Georgia - Director)

Anna Khazaradze - 9-Month Contract (Georgia - Producer)

Dongnan Chen - Whispers in May (China - Director)

Hideki NakazakiThe Light of Masao Nakagawa (Peru - Director)

Isabel Joffily - Morro Grande (Brazil - Director)

Jaisia FigueroaThe Light of Masao Nakagawa (Peru - Producer)

Ketevan Vashagashvili - 9-Month Contract (Georgia - Director)

Khadim Dai (Afghanistan - Director)

Mayfe OrtegaLight Memories (Ecuador - Producer)

Misha Vallejo Prut - Light Memories (Ecuador - Director)

Michelle Ferris DoblesLike a Flame Lit on a Dark Night (Costa Rica - Producer)

Quang Nong - Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava (Vietnam - Director)

Yegor TroyanovskyCuba & Alaska (Ukraine - Director)

Alongside the attendance of IBF filmmakers at IDFAcademy, several directors and producers who are part of the training programs (IDFA Project Space NL and the international version) also attend the IDFAcademy as part of their year-round support.

To see the attendance dates and contact information, please login to your MyIDFA-account and visit IDFA's guest list.