New Media

New Media

The field of immersive and interactive media is rapidly evolving, with professionals from diverse disciplines such as artists, creative technologists, curators, researchers, and producers shaping its future. IDFA DocLab is helping to lead the way by showcasing, researching and developing the best interactive documentary art and XR storytelling.

Project submissions

Through our year-round living lab, all selected projects and participants contribute to our growing ecosystem of research and development. Artists have the opportunity to participate through two annual open calls that open up during the first half of the year. We welcome entries of all sorts of non-fiction artworks that use emerging media to represent reality, including web experiences, digital art, games, audio experiences, immersive experiences VR, AR, physical installations, live performances, and immersive theater.

We also encourage submissions of performances/live projects that combine documentary film elements with music, theater, dance, and/or emerging media. Project submissions will be considered for IDFA DocLab, IDFA on Stage, and other program sections that explore different ways of showcasing documentary art.

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IDFA DocLab R&D Program

IDFA DocLab has become a key international platform for new talent, artistic innovation, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Meanwhile, new developments in immersive technology—like virtual reality, as well as AR and AI—have introduced explosive new opportunities. But as new immersive consumer devices are being introduced to the masses, key questions still exist around how to successfully live up to the true potential of immersive media.

In 2018, IDFA DocLab launched an R&D Progam in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Open Documentary Lab), among other partners, to expand the festival into a living lab for artistic experimentation, research, and development across disciplines. Currently in it's sixth year, the program focusses on specific research questions that arise from developments in the field.

DocLab R&D Summit

An integral component of the research program is the R&D Summit, a think tank event for experts from all corners of the interactive and immersive storytelling industry to explore next steps in developing the medium. The program presents information gained from research, case studies, prototypes, and demos of interactive and immersive storytelling experiments in progress, and cross-sector expert meetings.

For a recap of the previous two years of the R&D Summit check out the following articles:

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