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IDFA DocLab Forum

Everything you need to know about IDFA DocLab Forum.

About IDFA DocLab Forum Presentations

For over 15 years, IDFA Forum has given space to documentary projects in the field of new media. Building on this momentum in 2019, IDFA together with IDFA DocLab introduced a new, complete cross-media market called IDFA DocLab Forum, where the projects presented can find their way to new partnerships, receive in-depth feedback, and explore new ways to move forward. The DocLab Forum is open to all sorts of non-fiction artworks in all production and financing stages that use emerging media to represent reality, including web experiences, multimedia journalism, digital art, games, audio experiences, immersive experiences (such as VR/AR/MR, social VR and fulldome films), physical installations, live performances, and immersive theater.

Approximately 15-20 project teams (consisting of the two main creators, usually the producer and creative artist or the producer and director) present the project to a hand-picked panel of maximum three new media representatives and an audience of industry professionals. This presentation is an opportunity to discuss the content and form of the project and discover which relevant steps can take the project further. Project teams get 15 minutes total for their presentation: The presentation, including visual material such as a trailer or other visuals referring to the project, lasts around 8 minutes; the following 5 minutes are set aside for feedback from the panel. All presentations can be customized to fit the needs of the team and the project. Upon selection, the DocLab Forum team will get in touch with all projects to discuss their pitch.

Additional to the DocLab Forum pitches, we organize one-on-one meetings between all selected project teams and various potential partners such as funding, exhibition, and distribution partners; co-producers; and festivals. Over the course of the market days, places are reserved for approximately 1,000 prearranged one-on-one meetings for all Forum projects. In case a project has a demo ready, it can be showcased during these meetings with potential collaborators.

Practical information

  • DocLab Forum pitches are presented live in Amsterdam. Project teams who are unable to travel need to get in touch with the IDFA team.
  • Only two team members can present, preferably one producer and the director.
  • A moderator is present to coordinate post-presentation discussion and stimulate connections.
  • Each project will have one-on-one meetings with professionals interested in the project. These are arranged by the Forum staff based on preferences of the project team and Industry representatives and financiers, as well as input from the Forum staff.

Key dates

  • Presentations: November 18 and November 19
  • One-on-one meetings: from November 19 to November 20
  • Entries period: from June 10 to August 1

Who can attend?

All new media professionals working in emerging media and interactive/immersive storytelling and art, who have a serious and demonstrable interest in the non-fiction sector, are welcome to register for active attendance, whether as independent producer or creator, buyer, curator, distributor, technologist, exhibition platform, financier or fund.

All accreditation applications undergo a selection process; registration for IDFA DocLab Forum does not guarantee accreditation. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject an application.

After the accreditation deadline, we will let you know as soon as possible if access to the Forum is granted. Due to high demand, the number of participants is limited to one participant per production company. If the Forum pass cannot be granted, you have the option to change your accreditation to a festival pass.

Attending the DocLab Forum without a selected project

IDFA Forum offers independent XR studios and production companies the opportunity to attend the Forum to observe the pitches and to coordinate their own meetings with Forum industry professionals. If you are a XR producer who applied for IDFA DocLab Forum but your project was not selected, you can also still apply to attend the event as an Observer. By attending the presentations and listening to the responses of the industry representatives and financiers, Observers get unique insight into the new media market and can learn more about the preferences and profiles of individual companies, funders, buyers, and other new media stakeholders. There are also social events targeting Observers, such as the Producers Breakfast and Forum Lunch as well as access to the Felix Meritis Industry Lounge.

Industry representatives and financiers

Funders, buyers, and other new media stakeholders are also invited to attend IDFA DocLab Forum as industry representatives, whether you are working at a new media fund, institute, broadcaster, museum, gallery, distribution platform, festival, tech company, or other new media organization looking for content and collaboration.

Industry representatives and financiers are requested to be present and actively participate in the DocLab Forum pitches in addition to signing up for one-on-one meetings with the project teams. These follow-up meetings between the industry representatives and creators provide an opportunity to discuss potential collaboration in a more intimate setting. Industry representatives and financiers who are already on board with a project are invited to endorse the project team during their presentation.

New to IDFA DocLab Forum?

Are you new to IDFA DocLab Forum and interested in attending the next edition as an industry representative and/or financier? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the DocLab Forum team at to set up a phone call, where we can give you more detailed information about how the event works.

Eligibility criteria

Immersive/interactive projects in all stages of production and financing. IDFA DocLab Forum is open to all sorts of formats that tell a documentary story or explore unknown realities, including web docs, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, physical installations, multimedia journalism, and live performances. Artists looking for co-producers, creative input, and financing possibilities are invited to submit.