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Year Around Services

Year Around Services

Launched in November during the Docs for Sale market in Amsterdam, the Docs for Sale catalogue is accessible year around to acquisition passholders and participants alike to continue exploring sales and distribution opportunities. Documentary buyers can also subscribe to the catalogue at any time outside of the market dates.

A catalogue of roughly 300 titles that comprises IDFA-selected films, sales agent offers, and market-ready titles selected by the Docs for Sale team is available year-round through an online viewing subscription. This subscription also grants access to the physical Docs for Sale market and distribution incubator services in Amsterdam during the festival in November.

The following information presents accreditation information to sales and distribution industry professionals interested in subscribing to the catalogue

If you are film professional interested in submitting a finished short, feature documentary or series to the upcoming catalogue 2024-2025, please click here.

How does it work?

The online viewing subscription is the digital component of the Docs for Sale market—IDFA’s professional networking event that brings film teams holding new titles together with over 200 potential buyers for five days during the festival in November. The online viewing subscription service grants buyers access to the same film catalogue that is presented during the festival at any time—digitally, remotely, and at their own leisure—while providing the opportunity to connect with the rights holders directly.

  • The platform includes full versions of the films or episodes of series, basic details on the film team, info on the different versions that are available, and contact details for sales and festival handling.
  • Professionals can apply for an online viewing subscription by filling out the request form. If the request is accepted, access to the catalogue is granted upon payment of the invoice.
  • The viewing subscription is valid for one year from when the Docs for Sale team has confirmed the payment.
  • The subscription does not renew automatically. If professionals wish to renew their access, they need to fill out the request form again.
  • The catalogue is hosted on our website and can be accessed by logging into your MyIDFA account.

IDFA releases a new slate of Docs for Sale films a week before the festival starts in November. The titles featured in the catalogue must have been completed after September 1 of the previous year. As the catalogue bridges two years, professionals acquiring access in the spring, for instance, will be able to access both the 2023-2024 and the 2024-2025 catalogues.

What are the benefits for buyers?

Easy to use and updated filters on genres or on titles have been included in the most recent edition of IDFA. It’s also possible to leave messages to the film representatives directly via the Docs for Sale platform, and the rights holders can download reports of who have viewed their film.

Professionals who acquire a Docs for Sale online viewing subscription outside of the festival period can attend the physical Docs for Sale market during the festival free of charge. To get access to the event, online viewing subscribers need to fill out the Festival accreditation form and request a Docs for Sale Acquisition pass. IDFA starts accepting general accreditations in mid-June, when you can also read more about what events and services are covered by the Docs for Sale Acquisition pass.

Who is it for?

Docs for Sale is a professional service designed for industry professionals who acquire or exhibit documentaries as part of their core business. The Docs for Sale platform is typically used by television/platform buyers, distributors, sales agents, and festival programmers.

For individuals (not professionals) interested in watching documentaries online, please visit IDFA’s online collection.

What’s the catalogue like?

Docs for Sale focuses on creative documentaries. Of the films that are available for the catalogue, almost of IDFA’s competitive and non-competitive program sections are included. Others are films that Docs for Sale selects itself from an open call; submissions that we believe are interesting for buyers and sales agents, including short films and serialized content. Finally, leading documentary sales agents submit titles from their current slate to our catalogue (see the list of sales agents with five or more titles included in the 2023-2024 catalogue). We select films with international appeal that can speak to different audiences, including theatrical and festival exhibition, television broadcast, and streaming platforms.

Non-fiction genres such as nature documentaries, travelogues, informational films, or corporate films are not included in our catalogue.

How much does it cost?

Acquiring a one-year online viewing subscription costs €170 (excl. 21% VAT). The subscription is valid for 12 months from the time the payment has been accepted by the Docs for Sale team and includes a Docs for Sale Acquisition pass to the upcoming edition of the IDFA festival.

Please read the terms and conditions before filling out the subscription form.


Contact the Docs for Sale team here.

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