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Supported filmmakers at IDFA 2023

Supported filmmakers at IDFA 2023

With fifteen films included in IDFA’s festival program and ten projects participating in IDFA’s Markets, an exceptional number of filmmakers supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund and IDFA’s talent development programs will attend this year’s edition of the festival.

Below, you can find an overview of all these films, projects, and people you can meet at IDFA 2023.

Films and projects at IDFA

This year’s festival opens with A Picture to Remember, a film supported by both training and funding initiatives of IDFA. The project received a production grant in the special IBF Classic Ukraine round in 2022, followed by an IBF Europe Minority Co-production grant in 2023. IDFA welcomed director Olga Chernykh and editor Katerzyna Boniecka to Amsterdam for the IDFA Project Space 2023 program, which supported them in taking the project from a rough-cut stage to completion. 

In addition to this film, several other projects supported by IDFA’s range of funding schemes and talent development workshops can be found below.

IDFA Bertha Fund Harvest
IDFA Project Space Harvest

Not only finished films will be participating in IDFA 2023. Below you will find ten projects that will be participating in the various sections of IDFA's Markets. All of these projects are supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund, and three of them have also participated in one of the training programs.

Supported filmmakers attending IDFA

In addition to the films and projects that are part of IDFA 2023, seventeen filmmakers with projects supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund will attend the intense, 4-day IDFAcademy training program.

Also, other supported filmmakers will attend different sections of the festival that may be useful to their projects and professional development.