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Docs for Sale during IDFA

Docs for Sale during IDFA

As a central component of IDFA, the Docs for Sale market is an unmissable event for the sales and distribution of the world’s best creative documentary cinema.


The longstanding distribution incubator and sales market showcases the year’s best in creative documentary cinema, with an emphasis on finding audiences for the selected films. At this market, recently completed films or series looking for sales, distribution, and exhibition partners come into contact with distributors, TV buyers, festival programmers, and other professionals seeking creative documentaries. As such, Docs for Sale is an important breeding ground for all professionals in the sales and exhibition phase of the documentary infrastructure.

During IDFA 2024, Docs for Sale returns to the central markets location of Felix Meritis. Passholders from both Docs for Sale and IDFA Forum will share space in the same building, including a business lounge where they can organize meetings across markets during the day. Docs for Sale Participant and Acquisition passholders continue to enjoy a dedicated space in the Docs for Sale-only lounge and Acquisition passholder-only viewing booths. Located a short walk from the festival center, the market encourages the entire industry to network from development to distribution, while continuing to highlight the importance of each stage of a film’s life.

Key dates

    • Docs for Sale in Amsterdam: November 16 to 20
    • Film entries period: June 10 and close September 9
    • Acquisition accreditation deadline: October 1

Who can attend?

Docs for Sale welcomes documentary professionals in sales and exhibition:

  • Filmmakers and sales agents with one or more films selected for IDFA 2024 can showcase their film(s) in the Docs for Sale catalogue and take advantage of the expertise, networking, and knowledge offered by the market to maximize the launch of their film at IDFA and create a successful momentum for distribution.
  • Filmmakers and sales agents with a high-quality film selected for the 2024 Docs for Sale catalogue can access all the resources offered by the market to network their film or slate of films among hundreds of buyers, distributors, and festival programmers looking for high quality content alongside IDFA-selected films.
  • Buyers, festival programmers, distributors, and sales agents looking for innovative and creative films and content have access to the entire curated Docs for Sale catalogue, including both IDFA-selected films and other outstanding titles on today’s market, as well as a five-day program to network and do business with its creators and distributors. If you are a buyer hoping to attend Docs for Sale for the first time as an Acquisitions passholder, please contact the Docs for Sale team at

General market services

Docs for Sale offers a range of networking and knowledge-sharing services to make the most of attending the market. Whether you’re attending as a film representative or with an acquisition interest, the following activities provide crucial insight into the latest developments in sales and distribution, and connect you with the key industry players bringing new content to the market.

Services for Participant passholders

The following services are available specifically for holders of the Docs for Sale Participant pass.

Services for Acquisition passholders

The following services are available specifically for holders of the Docs for Sale Acquisition pass.

Film entries, Fees & Regulations

Docs for Sale is now accepting film entries. The entry deadline is September 9.

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