Call for applications: IDFA Project Space 2024
Call for applications: IDFA Project Space 2024

Call for applications: IDFA Project Space 2024

Wednesday, January 10
By Staff

IDFA Project Space is now open for applications!

IDFA Project Space 2024 is now open for applications! Launched in 2020 by IDFA’s Filmmaker Support department, this in-depth and creativity-focused talent development program offers first- or second-time documentary directors the opportunity to work on their project under the guidance of highly esteemed filmmakers and film professionals—ready to share their knowledge and experience with emerging talent. In 2024, the program takes place over four months, from June to September, with two online modules and one in-person week in Amsterdam. With a flexible program adjustable to each filmmaking team’s individual needs, participants are invited to embark on a process of continuous growth through individual consultancies, inspirational talks, group mentoring, and more. Apply by February 15, 2024, to be considered.

Program alumni have included the directors of acclaimed films such as All That Breathes, Apolonia, Apolonia, Children of the Mist, Taming the Garden, The Mother Of All Lies, and Where Are We Headed. Former tutors have included directors Pirjo Honkasalo, Aliona van der Horst, Kim Longinotto, Gianfranco Rosi and Audrius Stonys; editor and director Maya Daisy Hawke; editors Qutaiba Barhamji, Anne Fabini, Ollie Huddleston, Gladys Joujou, and Niels Pagh Andersen; producers Gema Juárez Allen and Bianca Oana, and film consultant Gitte Hansen.

The program at a glance

  • This is a project-driven program in which participants focus on strengthening the narrative of their documentary film project.
  • The program supports approximately eight projects in the Development & Production section and eight in the Rough Cut section.
  • IDFA Project Space is open to directors making their first or second feature documentary. Film school students and other students are not eligible.
  • The online component of the program, which takes place over one week in June and one week in September, consists of individual or group consultancies and an inspirational program of online group discussions.
  • In July, the in-person part of the program takes place in Amsterdam, where participants spend an intensive week working on their projects with a tutor.
  • The application deadline is February 15, 2024.

For all details about the program, participant eligibility, application process, selection process, and the entry form, please visit the IDFA Project Space page.

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