Call for applications: IDFA Project Space NL 2024
Call for applications: IDFA Project Space NL 2024

Call for applications: IDFA Project Space NL 2024

Tuesday, April 2
By staff

IDFA Project Space NL is now open for applications!

During the annual training program IDFA Project Space NL, six documentary talents are professionally guided to develop a film plan with accompanying visual material. This several-month workshop aims to assist talented filmmakers in their development and contribute to the creation of an artistic, high-quality development plan for a short documentary, a 55-minute documentary, or longer. The workshop is enriched with several international components, but participants must have command of the Dutch language in both speaking in writing. IDFA Project Space NL is supported by the NPO Fund. 

During this workshop, participants will receive substantive guidance as they research their project, develop a story structure, write a film plan, and create a teaser. With emphasis on authorship, the program encourages participants to explore new narrative forms within the documentary artform. Apply by April 28 to be considered. 

Alumni of IDFA Project Space NL include directors with films such as A Stranger Came to Town, Carrousel, Lessons for Luca, and Scenes with my father. Former mentors and guest lecturers include Marjoleine Boonstra, Coco Schrijber, Tom Fassaert, Marc Schmidt, Catherine van Campen, Walter Stokman, Ester Gould, Frank van den Engel, Beri Shalmashi, Tabhi Mooi, Aliona van der Horst, Renko Douze, Soraya Pol, Martijn Winkler, Eefje Blankenvoort, Joost Seelen, Jean Counet, Albert Markus, and Shamira Raphaëla. 

More information about the program, participant profile, and application information is available in Dutch

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