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Other programs

In addition to our flagship training programs, IDFA makes an extra effort to develop young filmmaking talent through these initiatives.

Young Producers

The Young Producers program includes elements of IDFAcademy, IDFA Forum, and IDFA’s Industry Program. Topics such as financing, international co-production, distribution, and the latest market trends are covered, and the program also facilitates networking amongst selected participants and international colleagues. Additionally, program participants are welcomed as audience members at the Producers Connection, where documentary projects seeking early-stage international co-producers are presented.

Prior to IDFA, selected participants will be invited to a preparatory meeting. The program then takes place in Amsterdam and runs from Thursday, November 14 (at the start of IDFAcademy) to Wednesday, November 20, 2024 (for the last industry meetings and panels). Participants can also use their pass to attend film screenings during IDFA, which runs from November 13–23, 2024.

To be eligible for the Young Producers program, you must have command of the Dutch language in both speaking in writing; have proven experience as a producer or executive producer for documentaries; demonstrate international ambitions; and have a project in development that is suitable for international collaboration or distribution. Finally, you must be available to participate in the full program from November 14–20.

The Young Producers program is a collaboration between IDFA and the Netherlands Film Fund. A maximum of six participants will be selected by the Film Fund in consultation with IDFA.

More information about the program, participant profile, and application information is available in Dutch below.

Young Producers (NL)

Eind augustus 2024 kunnen documentaire producenten die hun horizon willen verbreden, netwerk vergroten en kennis willen opdoen van de internationale industrie tijdens IDFA 2024 zich weer aanmelden voor het Young Producers Programma.

Het Young Producers Programma 

Het Young Producers Programma bevat onderdelen van de IDFAcademy, IDFA Industry en het IDFA Forum. Onderwerpen als financiering, internationale coproductie, distributie en de nieuwste markttrends komen aan bod en onderling netwerken en het ontmoeten van internationale collega’s wordt gefaciliteerd. Daarnaast ben je als Young Producers welkom als observer bij de Producers Connection, waar documentaire projecten worden gepresenteerd die in een vroeg stadium internationale coproducenten zoeken. 

Voorafgaand aan IDFA word je uitgenodigd voor een voorbereidende bijeenkomst. Het programma vindt vervolgens plaats in Amsterdam en loopt van donderdag 14 november (start IDFAcademy) tot en met woensdag 20 november 2024 (laatste industry meetings/panels). Als deelnemer kun je daarnaast met je pas gedurende het festival (van 13 t/m 24 november) filmvoorstellingen van IDFA bezoeken. 

Deelname aan het programma 
Om in aanmerking te komen voor het Young Producers Programma, moet je aantoonbare ervaring hebben als producent of uitvoerend producent voor documentaires en blijk geven van internationale ambities. Je dient een project in ontwikkeling te hebben dat geschikt is voor internationale samenwerking/distributie. Daarnaast ben je van 14 t/m 20 november 2024 beschikbaar om deel te nemen aan het volledige programma. 

Het Young Producers programma is een samenwerking tussen IDFA en het Nederlands Filmfonds.  

Film Student Route

Every year, IDFA and the Netherlands Film Academy organize the IDFA Film Student Route: a tailor-made program for film students from film academies and film schools. This is an inspiring route through the IDFA program that includes the latest developments in today’s international documentary industry. The IDFA Film Student Route includes, among other activities, the IDFA Film Academy Day at the Netherlands Film Academy, films from the IDFA 2024 program with Q&As, extensive masterclasses, and network opportunities with international film students and professionals. Attending students and teachers also receive a special group discount on IDFA guest passes.

The program takes place during IDFA 2024. 

Is your film academy or film school interested in attending the Film Student Route at IDFA 2024? Then please contact IDFAcademy at

3Package Deal

The 3Package Deal consists of a paid one-year residency for a filmmaker or interactive artist. The program is initiated by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), and is co-presented by IDFA, Eye Film Institute, and the Netherlands Film Academy as part of The Film Coalition. Together with Bureau Broedplaatsen, the AFK has put together this coalition of renowned institutions from Amsterdam, as they do for each art discipline. These institutions select and supervise the top talents for one year.

Open to one talented young (international) artist or filmmaker each year, the 3Package Deal offers a €20,000,- development budget, affordable living (if the participant is younger than 27) or working space for one year and a network for top talents from all over the world. The program runs the full length of the calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Applications are by invitation.

For more information, visit the AFK website